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April - May ,  2022


A continuation of the Power work from 2021, this installation is in Los Angeles adjacent to the DWP.  The work once again attempts to address issues embedded in institutionalized power systems.  The work itself uses the most ubiquitous symbol of utility, commonly referred to as Power, employing sound and smell to bring what is comfortably benign outside into the private space and forcing consideration in the roll it plays in culture. The work can be viewed through many frames such as Tocqueville's Democracy in America, Marxs' Base/Superstructure or T. Adorno's Minima Moralia, from which the name is derived, taking aim at the role that monumental technology plays in enabeling civic barbarism.

MOB was an installation at HATCHPOPS, located next to the Bendix building at  417 East Pico Blvd in the Fashion District of Los Angeles,  3RD FLOOR. 1 block north of L.A.D.W.P


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