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I emptied my studio to create a void in space that retained and echo or memory of the work created in the space.  The holes in the wall to the adjoining space where the contents of my studio were placed were both a "portal" to the space where the work had moved, but also allowed light to enter into the void that could only be viewed when enclosed in the void.  The charcoal on the floor had remnants of the table that was in the original space, allowing the viewers to experience an entaglement of the work as a tactile object along with the void. 

Time, Space and light as object.

For the closing night of show, I performed a "work" exhibition by dismantling the entire show and moving all the contents of the studio back to the original studio and clearing the space..  The room was left open for the remainder of the closing for people to use as a rest space or recreation.

Industrial objects and the intersection of the natural realm with humans.  Displacement and juxtaposition of human role in control and appropriation of natural systems.

Continuing investigation on human and industrial balance and co existence 

Purposeful manipulation of common tool known as a "tie down" used to secure objects in spaces, typically of automotive nature in transportation.  Shipping containers were used as industrial anchor that was tied to existing trees that are "captured" in an unnatural environment.  The purposed of trees negated and relegated to " human experience" only such as beautification and adornment.  The ongoing balance and compromise of both object and human interaction and their effect on both systems.

Outside of gallery initiated to elicit impromptu responses and interaction.

Relegated by security and hierarchy.

These paintings dealt with the intersection of mechanics and physicality.  Process and evolving through connection with "Work" were primary concerns.

More paintings dealing with the intersection of mechanics and physicality.  Process and evolving through connection with Work were primary concerns.  

The pieces are developed through the use of motor oils and liquids used in the maintenance of motors.  Canvases were developed by placing under vehicles engines.  

"Performance" that highlights personal relationship with mechanics and work.  What is considered a "sterile" or cleansing action, this personal behavior is imbedded with ceremonial associations and intersections with machine and tools.  

Addressing memory vs observation of memories, and resulting effect of recalling memories. 

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